Dr. Nieman latest book Sustained, is now on sale. This book takes a closer look at how we are sustained by others in a time of loss; how there are times when we alone must learn new ways to remain strong in a time of suffering and finally, how A Higher Power sustains us with ineffable peace. This book is about learning how to walk each other home as Spiritual teacher, Ram Dass used to say. It is about heart-to-heart resuscitation.
Dr. Nieman first book Moving Forward, is now on sale. The book is intended for those who want to be more consistent with healthy habits. It is also a book about enduring the marathon of daily expectations. The book is intended for those who are keen on overcoming obstacles. Being a marathon runner, and someone who continues to run every day since Dec 16, 2009, Dr. Nieman can speak from experience.
Dr. Nieman wrote a book on lessons learned in his quest to complete over 100 marathons. It is a thought-provoking travel guide of marathons run around the world. I shows Dr. Nieman’s passion for health and wellness.