Currently Dr. Nieman sees patients in his Centre 70 Pediatric clinic, located at 7015 Macleod Trail SW Calgary, where he can be reached via phone (403-253-2288) or email C70Peds@gmail.com

Peter finished medical school training in 1979 in Cape Town, South Africa. In 1983 Peter moved to Canada and started his pediatric residency at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary. Upon becoming a pediatrician, he entered private practice in 1987, working in ambulatory pediatrics.

Between 2004 and 2019 he also provided care for obese children and adolescents in a Pediatric Obesity clinic and in the Calgary Weight Management Center. He continues to focus on lifestyle medicine and provides holistic care, balancing nutritional education, physical activity coaching with his interest in sleep medicine.

He leads by example by following a healthy plant-based whole food nutritional plan. He has completed 114 marathons. By Grace, he continues the habit of running daily since December 16, 2009.

Peter took Holistic Life Coach Training in Hawaii with Alan Cohen, a well-known holistic life coach. Since 1915 this training has helped Peter be more mindful of the importance of psychosocial issues which have become more common in modern-day pediatrics.

He has served as the President of the Alberta Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) between 2008 to 2019 and has been a member of the AAP since 1987.

He also served on the Healthy Active Living Committee of the Canadian Pediatric Society and was the Chairman of the CPS’s Section for Community Pediatrics.

He served on Healthy Living Committees for both the Alberta Medical Association and the Canadian Medical Association.

He is married to Dr. Corinne Zamonsky and after 33 years they still remain husband and wife, navigating the inevitable ups and downs of life together They have four children and one grandchild.

On January 1, 2020, their youngest child, Ben, died at age 16. Ben lost his battle with depression and choose to die by suicide. This prompted Peter to write a book, Sustained. It also inspired the launch of mentalmarathons

Peter and Corinne remain strong supporters of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation Centre for Youth Resilience. Any funds generated by the sales of Sustained will be directed to this Centre.