Currently, Dr. Nieman writes blogs for all three of his websites; HealthyKids, All Year Active Kids, and Moving Forward Daily. The blogs discuss how you can achieve and maintain healthy habits as well as the implications that can result from not leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Healthykids is a free site aimed at providing support and information to parents with children under the age of 16 years. Feel welcome to access any of the areas, send questions to Dr. Nieman and view questions asked by other parents.

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In one word the purpose of this site is encouragement.

Many mothers of older children struggle to stay positive. They want to be successful at home, at work and in their own lives. They want to be healthy. They are looking for ideas and they use new technology in doing so. They want to be influential in order to improve, not only themselves, but those who may see them as examples.

As their kids get older, these moms discover that teens and tweens are smart: they watch if our mouths, feet and wallets all move in the same direction. Do we walk the talk? Are our examples worth following?
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I am a pediatrician who cares for children and families who struggle to achieve their ideal, healthy weight. It has been my honor to do that for the past ten years.

My goal with this blog is to share my experiences and insights with you, always based on up to date references. My experience is based on 25 years as a pediatrician and 10 years of running a pediatric weight clinic in Calgary.
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