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Healthykids is a free site aimed at providing support and information to parents with children under the age of 16 years.

Life By Example

I also live by example in that I run every day of my life and will be closing in soon on doing my 100th marathon.

All Year Active Kids

My goal with this blog is to share my experiences and insights with you, always based on up to date references

patient care

Over the years, Dr. Nieman has developed a number of resources for parents and families to help them become more informed…


life by example

Read Dr. Nieman’s weekly blog aimed to educate, inspire and guide visitiors. Learn how to balance career and life while staying consistent…



Dr. Nieman is currently working on his first book, Moving Forward. The book focuses on staying consistent with healthy habits, enduring the…


public speaking

Dr. Nieman writes a monthly column on child health for the Calgary Herald and has written for the Globe and Mail. He is a weekly contributor…



Tips for wellness

As 2015 begins, I want to share a simple plan to help you be more consistent in the days ahead. Use what I call the “PLAN method.” I have designed it to help me stay consistent—for example to run every day for the rest of my life. The PLAN method reminds us to: PRIORITIZE first by focusing on what matters the most to us personally; LIST the steps we can take and the people we will associate with to help us—Use an app or pen and paper; ACCOUNTABILITY makes all the difference; Say “NO” to distractions. It is that simple–PLAN; now just do it!

Team World Vision

Hundred Marathons to Reduce Starvation. Visit Team World Vision

Dr. Nieman is running every day since December 16, 2009